High-Resolution, Ultra-Low Power Data Conversion for Neural Imaging

Faculty: Bruce Wooley

Student: Roxana Trofin


Research Summary

The implementation of future instruments for capturing neural activity in the brain requires data acquisition with good noise immunity, high resolution and extremely low levels of power consumption. A/D converters based on sigma-delta modulation are especially well suited to achieving the resolution requirements expected for such systems. However, in array configurations of conventional oversampling modulators, the attendant power dissipation seems likely to exceed the requirements foreseen for neural imaging applications. The immediate purpose of this research is to find novel architectural techniques for power reduction - such as signal multiplexing and stage-sharing. Low-power circuit implementations, such as those based on subthreshold circuit design, will also be investigated.




Contact Information

Center for Integrated Systems, Rm. 125
Via Ortega & Via Pueblo
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Email: rtrofin@stanford.edu


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